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This extension allow to add a content element to your website that consist of a slides (images with headers and subheaders) that switching between each other with different animation effects (requires jQuery be included on page with slider). Slides is a type of content (as News Items in tt_news) that should be stored on specified page(s). You can configure slider plugin when inserting plugin or using Typoscript. You can use more then one slider on page.

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На русском

Данное расширение позволяет добавлять на страницы TYPO3-сайта новый элемент содержимого — слайдер (состоящий из изображения, заголовка и подзаголовка), который переключает слайды (элементы содержимого, подобные новостям в tt_news), хранящиеся на указанных страницах. Расширению требуется наличие jQuery на тех страницах, где оно используется. Возможна конфигурация плагина через TypoScript. Возможно добавление более чем одного слайдера на одной и той же странице.

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6 комментариев

13.06.2013 в 18:28


thanks for your great and simple extension.
How can I hide the following headers and subheaders here:
The image is hidden by default but the headers and subheaders are not…

Thanks in advance!

15.06.2013 в 11:53

Thank you for using extension!)

Your case is seems connected with some CSS-collision. Set «position: relative» property for your #col3_innen.

Marvin Wansing
09.08.2013 в 15:11

Hello dear SimpleSlider Team!
I have problems with your plugin, as it doesnt work properly on ie8.
I have no idea whats wrong.
Any ideas?

Greetings from Germany
Marvin Wansing

20.10.2013 в 17:04

Hello, Marvin!

Early Mr. Jeroen Vanheste mailed me about this issue I guess. Now on TER is available 1.0.4 version that have this bug fixed.

01.11.2013 в 18:20

Hi SimpleSlider Team,

your 1.0.4 slider also fixes prblems with IE9. I first used FlexSlider but hat many difficulties on IE8 and IE9. Your extension did the trick. Great work guys!

20.05.2014 в 20:40

Hi SimpleSlider Team,

it would be nice, if the current version of simple slider would not only run on typo3 6.2.0 but up to 6.2.99 😉


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